make up emotional sex!

Kaity • Southern girl livin in a Florida world!

My fiancé and I have been through a rough patch recently and have been some what distant. We weren’t very sexually active, nor did we have the desire to due to stress and other issues. We’ve fought a lot on a off for a month or two and just this week his father passed away from cancer. It’s been extremely hard on him as well as me. I never thought sex would make things better in such a sad situation such as this. We both needed that physical contact and love from one another so desperately. We made love tonight and it was so passionate, emotional and amazing. I think we both needed that more than we realized! Just being able to give each other the pleasure and love felt amazing. I’ve never felt so connected with my man in our whole 8 years together as I have tonight! Sex is healing both physically and emotionally and I’ve learned that tonight!