since I graduated high school, my life has changed in so many ways. basically right after my 18th birthday, I moved out and have barely returned. I'm engaged, have a house and what not. But I can't hold down a job. every morning that I know I have to go to work, I bolt out of bed around 7 every time and I get sick. not just a little, but to the point that my fiance has to come hold my hair back and I can't breathe. I lost my last job that I luckily held for 6 months, and I had an interview for another one, but that morning the same thing happened. idk what to do, my fiance can support us paycheck to paycheck but I don't want to stress him out. what can I do to bring in some money? even just a little bit? I don't want government help or anything. I want to make an honest living