clearblue advanced OPK

Brittany • 👦🏼💙 May 27, 2016 ;👼🏼 12weeks Nov 2017 ; 🌈 coming March 2020 👶🏼

Has anyone used the clearblue advanced OPK’s? I am having so much trouble with them and am going to have an anxiety attack 😞

My dollar store OPK’s have all been negative. My cycle ended on Friday (I think- I had 2 days of bleeding one day of nothing then Friday I had brown blood) Starting Monday I started getting high fertility on the clearblue advanced but negatives on the OPK’s so I thought hm okay it’s just detecting estrogen- we’ll all week same thing cheaper tests negative and clearblue high then today my clearblue says peak and my cheaper ones are still negative!?

I put in my information in Ovia and it moved my fertile week from next week to this week! (2days after my period ended). We’ve only BD’d once in this window 😭 im hoping today and tomorrow but I’m just so confused. Does anyone have experience with this brand test?