Ahhh, what is going on?


So I posted yesterday about being late and getting BFN on multiple tests. One if you lovely ladies suggest I tried a pink dye test. So I tried it first thing this morning. And I got another BFN! I am nearly a week late. I was not expecting to get pregnant right away since I removed my iud two months ago. But the fact I was supposed to start AF on the 6th and still nothing is really confusing me. When I got pregnant with my first it was after a year of not trying but not not trying. I had gone to the doctors and discoveredbI had a cyst near my ovary that ruptured and after I healed from that I got pregnant with 2 months. Then I concieved my second right after my first while my body was adjusting from the DEPO to the pill. So all in all I am just confused as to what is going on. Could the cyst be back? I have not nothiced any pain or anything. Please, if you have any ideas let me know!