Danielle • Dated my husband since December 2006 and we were married May 2016. Baby boy Henry born June 2nd 2017 👶🏼💙

Holy moly, losing my cool today. Does anyone have one of those family members who always acts like they are right or that THEY are a doctor. More like a “google” doctor. Yet their children are the ones who are always sick with something, they are always sick with something, their natural remedies do not work, etc. Don’t get me wrong I love to practice good health and maybe sometimes use essential oils, eat organic as much as I can and exercise but I would never act like my ways are better than someone else’s or PUSH them on someone or make someone feel less than a mother than someone else because they don’t do something MY way. Heck, I always take constructive criticism from others. I guess I am just irritated today. End rant 😒