Spotting bright red blood


I ended my “period” two weeks ago, and I am currently in my fertile week.

I call it my “period” because I had four BFPs from 12/26-12/30, but started cramping and bleeding and went to the hospital to see what was going on and they claimed that I was never pregnant. They explained that I probably has four false positives. And concluded that is was period. This “period” was oddly short and just odd compared to other periods. It lasted from 12/30-1/01.

I have been spotting on and off since then. Mostly noticing it when I wipe, some in my undies, or some drops in the toilet.

What is going on? Anyone else have something similar to them?

My SO wants me to take a pregnancy test and see if it’s positive because he’s heard of some people having weird periods and still have been pregnant 😹 idk what to do and can’t be seen by my OBGYN until the beginning of January.