Hello all, my beautiful angel was born on December 6th 2017 via C - section. "breech". My baby is colic however I read online that babies have trouble with gas and pooping.. It's just a sign of a immature digestive system, they will grow out of it etc. My baby screams bloody murder, has a hard stomach, big stomach, and is bigger on the left side. My babies pediatrician said she never saw a babies tummy like this before so we have an xray of her abdomen tomorrow. Her father has extreme crohns.. I just don't know if it's me like the breast feeding. everyone besides my Dr says you might want to think about formula. It's just I don't think that's it, between the crying and then her crying every time she tries to pass gas or poop. I just am going stir crazy. I can't help but feel something is wrong. Has anyone else dealt with this??