Wow I’m pregnant

Hello!!! Sooooo my

Last period was November 27.

On December 18 I had sex with my boyfriend. We had an accident and I end up taking PlanB the following day.

As the days go by I never end up getting my December period. i knew something was wrong but I also knew plan B can mess with the time of the cycle . Sooo I wait. I have been having some symptoms. Today I went to the doctors office and I got a pregnancy test. She tells me I’m positive.

Sooooo I can’t believe I’m pregnant. I really am.

I never thought this would happen to me.

And to be honest, I’m not happy about this. I took plan B asap but the doctor told me that with my height and weight, I needed a pill with a higher dosage for it to have worked. I just graduated college. I currently don’t have a job& I really don’t have anything set up for me and a child. My bf said he will support me in whatever I feel is right. We’ve been together 5 years. We’ve been each other’s first in everything.

Well that was my Friday.