Formula after a year help please😩

Megan🌻 • Mama to a beautiful baby boy😍

Hey Mommies

I’m a FTM and my little man cub will be 1 next month😭 and I know I can start giving him whole milk but do I still give him formula too? Right now he’s on the Gerber Good Start Gentle Stage 2. I’ve noticed that there is also a Stage 3 (Gerber Grow) that is 12-24 months. Do I give him that to keep up on the vitamins and minerals? I’m just not sure what to give him as fast as his bottles go. Please help. Anything is appreciated🙃

Side note...please don’t judge me on the simple fact that I feed my son Gerber. I heard enough from friends and family. They’ve already made me feel like a bad mom for feeding him Gerber products. I see nothing wrong with Gerber. I was fed Gerber and will continue to feed my baby what he likes. Thank you💙