Too good to be true?


Today, I got my first ever BFP! I’m late by 3 days. But I have NO symptoms at all (apart from loss of appetite)... I get so many before AF is due, so thought I didn’t have a chance this month. I’m late (by 3 days) and away on a weekend break, so tested before I touched alcohol... and this came up within a minute.

Is it too good to be true! I just missed my fertile day last cycle, but managed to catch the tail end of it.

I used a gel like pre-seed called ‘fertile gel’ or something similar. We only bd’ed once at end of window, I was/still am convinced it was too late...

I don’t take any meds other than Folic Acid... is there anything that could have triggered this BFP???

Baby dust to all of us, and please say I’m being silly and that I am expecting. 🤰🏻