Loads of cm???

Kayla • 25// Mother of two rotten little boy / two babies in heaven // One on the way // married to the love of my life for 5 years ❤❤

We've been trying to convince for a year , we have finally gave up and said it will happen if it's meant to be well I'm in my fertile window according to glow and I went to the bathroom just now and wiped and it was honestly so slippery and wet with this odd egg white cm that I had to wipe like four times ... But it I wasn't white or clear it has a yellow tint to it .

I haven't done this since right before I found out I was prego with my son two years ago ... Could this be a sign of early pregnancy? I haven't noticed any implantation... And my phone was dead till now so I didn't get a pic. I found one on the Internet though that is almost identical to what I had just not as much .

Please give advice on either personal experience or medical. Tia