Still not sleeping well at night! 😰😥😢 8 months!


Do any fellow moms have a baby that still wakes up numerous times at night?

Sometimes I feel like he sleeps the same as he did as a newborn 😑

There are better nights when he wakes up 2 times to eat but some nights he is up 6-10 times. He doesn’t actually stay awake, but cries for his pacifier or for me to feed him. So sleep is always interrupted and I am so exhausted in the morning. Going to work like a zombie is hard, knowing that many babies by the age of 8 months are sleeping through the night! Of course I love my son so much I would be waking up for ever if it’s needed but it would be amazing if I could have a few more hours of z’s!

We tried weaning him from night feeds and after 3 days he almost slept through the night. However, the day after that happened he started to cry inconsolably until I fed him. And I also noticed that he actually ate hungrily not just sucking to soothe himself. Could he still be hungry at night? He only gained a pound in the last two months and is now about 18.5 pounds. Which is a good weight but he should probably be gaining faster...

He doesn’t eat too many solids during the day as he still doesn’t like them too much. But he will eat about 1.5 jar a day. So calorie wise it’s not too much. He nurses about 7-8 times within a 24 hour period so roughly every 3 hours.

Nap times are much better now. He used to do no more than 40 minutes three times a day. Now we are down to two naps about 1.5 hours for the first one and sometimes 2 hours the second one.

Also, he started to get himself into a sitting position without any assistance. So now in his sleep he sits down and that also wakes him up.

It’s just hard because he cries a lot at night. Half of the time it’s enough to put his pacifier in or to pet him on the back. Other times he won’t stop crying unless I feed him. He doesn’t cry at all during the day!