am i being ridiculous??

so my hubby is sitting here with me. and he says “babe do you love me?” i said yes. he said “okay well then will you suck me?” ....seriously....i’m just silent. then he asks again “do you love me?” i say yes, he asks “okay so will you????” this goes on for a good five minutes over and over and i start to get upset. then he tells me he’s joking and i’m just still upset and annoyed so then he gets mad at me for being upset and says i’m being mean. a big reason this upsets me is because i just feel so objectified by him all the time. he wants sex multiple times a day. every morning i wake up to him humping me. not even a good morning kiss or anything. most of the time we are spooning while sleeping and i wake up to him pulling my underwear down and trying to shove his dick in me. yeah sometimes it’s nice to have morning sex but every single morning it gets tiring especially when it’s like he’s just fucking me to get his satisfaction paying no mind to whether or not i’m satisfied. am i just being frigid????