Hi ladies. So I've just weaned my son from his pacifier. It was disrupting his sleep and especially his naps. He would wake up screaming for it to be put back in, and then would sometimes go back down and sometimes not. Since weaning, he has been able to fall asleep on his own and put himself back down in the middle of a nap. The problem is... I can tell he misses it. Call me crazy but I know he does. He LOVES his paci. And we use the wubbanub so he holds on so tight to the little stuffed animal and it makes him so cozy and comfortable. He has been such a sucky baby from the start and I just can tell he is unsettled and uncomfortable without it. It's been a week. I thought he would forget about it but he hasn't seemed to. What should I do? It makes my mommy heart so sad to see him. He wants it so bad. My sleep consultant said I could give it to him during wake times but not for sleep, but I feel like that would just be confusing for him? He's only 4 months old, should I just give it to him to make him comfortable? Or stay strong because it's good for his sleep? Also, from moms who have gone through this- will it get better? Will he forget about it? I honestly don't know what to do. I'm so conflicted and it's making me so sad.