Can men still cum with blue balls??

Kayla • 25// Mother of two rotten little boy / two babies in heaven // 1 baby girl // married to the love of my life for 6 years ❤❤

So I'm in my fertile window , or heavy ewcm this morning . Me and my husband tried to baby dance while our two year old slept but he woke up at the end crying. Got him back to sleep and I went back trying again.

Needless to say 20 minutes in , I was good haha but my husband stopped said not happening and make me get off, so yea he say it is cause of blue balls... He's only the second man I've been with so is this a true fact ?

It just doesn't make sense to me ...


I appreciate everyone's comments , I have talked to my husband more because I was extremely worried it was something I did and he finally admitted that he 'took care of himself' cause it was started to really hurt and that's why he couldn't cum again , said he was just embarrassed to tell me /:

But we lol tried the next day nd again he couldn't get off ... Now he claims he just super tired nd his heart I acting up. He dose have heart issues something called hypotension ? When he was 16 he he a heartache randomly and thus they figured out so we are gonn tkw him to the doctors for his heart nd hopefully all these issues will go away...

Out of almost four years of marriage this is the first time he's done this so please say a prayer.

Thanks to all !!! Baby dust!