Symptom spotting or real thing?! 🀞🏻😬 edited

V β€’ Momma to beautiful baby boy... pregnant with number 2 😊

πŸ‘‹ morning all!

I’m know it can’t just be me putting myself on this emotional rollercoaster!

I have β€œfelt” some what pregnant prior to my last couple of periods but this month I feel even more so!

Symptoms this month:

Mild very cramps daily since 5dpo

Breast feel fuller and sensitive

Vivid dreams

And slightly bloated!

My BBT has always been odd and not reliable as I’m a mouth sleeper!

Me and my SO are in the best place for a baby so just hoping this is our time 10 month TTC . 9dpo today


Fingers crossed for us all hoping for a January positive!!! Xxxxx

So ladies took a test this morning 11dpo and looks like I’ll probably be out!! 😞