True Magick Book and abuse?


I’m currently reading True Magick a Beginner’s Guide by Amber K, I’m just now starting to research again and find my path. I have a problem with the book that I’d like input on though.

On page 66 the author is talking about how you have to take responsibility for your life and everything in it, that whatever happens is because we make the choice for it to and it could be wise or foolish. Then the author states “What we have considered to be acts done to us, or coincidences, or accidents, are events chosen or at least accepted by us on a level below the conscious mind.”

My problem is, how can I as someone who was sexually abused as a child and then drugged and gang raped as a teen so as the author is saying? How could I ever accept the notion that these events were chosen or even accepted by myself on a lower level of consciousness when I didn’t have any say or control over the matter? This passage just rubs me the wrong way and the way I’m reading it is that if I don’t accept that it was my fault and I’m not a survivor/victim of what happened then I won’t be able to fully come into myself or practice with power.