Peed or water leaking?

I was out shopping today...and while I'm not stranger to tinkling myself...I started feeling like my panties were repeatedly soaking through. I kept thinking it was just a lot of pee. By the second store I thought "wow, I'm really a piss pants today."  I hurried out the store and pulled a random sheet from the back seat and headed home. By the time I got home the sheet was wet. Like if 1/4 cup water spilled on it. I peed a bunch when I got home, changed my panties, put on a pad then hung out. Within half hour pad was soaked, and it didn't smell like pee. Went through a third pair of panties in next hour. Now here hours later and occasional leaking but that's it. What's up???  Doc said go to triage, but I don't have any symptoms otherwise and leaking seams to have stopped.