Please help!! Two positive opks in same cycle!!

Bryanne • I`m 24 years old. Been together with my fiance for 6.5 years. We have a 4 year old son and TTC #2, hopefully ASAP!! Baby dust to all!!
I am so confused. This is my fiance and Is first month TTC and I'm new to using ovulation tests and temping. I've been using clear blue easy digital opk (pink test). I received a positive opk on Sunday May 24 CD 17 with a little bit of ewcm and increase temp. I kept testing even after my positive and have gotten negatives since. I just took another test today and got another positive but have been having lots of milky cm and temp was slightly increased. I'm on CD 20, AF is due June 4. We've been BDing almost every day since my period ended on May 12. I just don't understand please help. TIA!!