Pregnant signs

💜👣🍼Samantha • I am married have two little girls!!! I am pregnant with my little man💚💙#2016#
I am 12 dpo and I am having all the signs so I am wondering if I have a good chance of pregnancy 
Sore boobs
Implantation bleeding 4 dpo to 6dpo
Metal Taste in my mouth 
I feel like I am getting a cold 
I have a lot of fluid down there I am always wet lol 
I am peeing all the time 
I don't really have an appetite 
I am so tired all the time getting up every day is a pain I just don't fill like my self 
I am wondering if this sounds like If could be pregnant or not and when I should text I test yesterday and it was negative 
Thanks lady's for your advice 😄😄 really hoping this is my month