Travel ideas?

Gday guys! Next year in our 6 week holiday break my daughters nan wants her for three weeks which is totally fine, I want her to have quality time with her grandparents. So me and one of my girlfriends thought why not go on an overseas holiday!! We're thinking of America! I've been once before with school when I was in high school we went to LA Seattle San Francisco San Diego and Hollywood, this time around I definitely want to go to New York and definitely do the sex and the city tour!! Lol. I would LOVE to drive along the Deep South we would like to go to Alabama Georgia Mississippi louosianana in a hire car, arrive at Georgia and get a flight to Miami. Oh and New Orleans!! We've found some awesome and cheap contiki tours!! Can anyone give me any advise on driving to these places? Safety precautions etc... The contiki tour starts in LA for 3 days San Francisco for 3 days Vegas for 3 New York for 5 then we have 8 days to explore, is 8 days enough to road trip? I'm from Sydney and I haven't done much research yet so all of this could sound very unrealistic to whoever lives in the states lol! Sorry it was such a novel! Thank ya!