Are you honest with your children regardless the effect it may have on their feelings?

When it comes to my 7 yr old, I usually know where to draw the line when she asks questions, if the answer isn't too mature for her or hurtful I'll tell her the truth. I like her to be informed and aware of what's going on in this crazy world or our family, with limitations of course. Now there are times I feel I just want her to be a child and enjoy her worry free life so I'll bend the truth to a question she may have. Last night I did something I normally would not do and I feel horrible. She had a game and afterwards her father told her she played great....I then said "don't lie to her" meaning she didn't play so great. She knew exactly what I meant and it hurt her. Wtf was I thinking?!?! Has any other parent momentarily been an asshole to their child?