Cramping question

I have one of those really stupid questions, but I don't want to call the doctor's office and bother them when I know it's fine! I have an almost grown kitten, who is a jerk. Yesterday I was laying on my back resting, and he decided to attack me under the covers and did two different flying leaps straight onto where my baby should be hanging out. (I'm 11 weeks today.) I've tried to google search, and see that the baby is well protected and he shouldn't have hurt anything, but ever since he did that, I've had cramping in that area. It's mild, just enough for me to notice it, not severe thankfully, and there's no bleeding, so I'm sure it's nothing, but it's been fairly constant, so it's just stressing me out! Is there any reason I should be worried, or just chalk it up to the cat jumping on expanding ligaments and making them sore for a day or two?