phone bullshit


so my husband who mind you hasnt always been on his best behavior when it comes to his phone is deleting shut from facebook messenger. and then when a response pops up and I see he acts like its nothing. he even changed the notifications by keeping them from showing he has a message until a certain time. now I believe my husband is faithful as far as actually sticking his sick in someone else and god help him if he isn't but it pisses me off that conversations that are suppose to be innocent are deleted and then I'm expected to not react. to not be upset. to not question his loyalty to me. does this make any sense?

there for a long time he would hide porn too. like I dont give a damn if that's what you wanna look up . if you need tonpleasure yourself because I'm working and your home then fine. but don't pleasure yourself and then delete your history and act like it dont happen. and also don't have me come home try to put it on you and then get rejected. nothing pisses me off more then knowing he masturbated and wont even pleasure me because he has already satisfied himself. how selfish! anyone else have these two problems? shits for the birds!