Broke up and moved out. Im just sad...

BeautyMommy • I love my family

Avoiding a huge, messy story I broke up with my boyfriend today (I'm pregnant to him) and moved back in with my EX (we have a daughter and were together for 4 years). I really love my boyfriend and I miss him. I want to work things out and I think we could but its just not an ideal situation to have a baby in. I'm much better off with my EX, who I know I'm no longer in love with. He's better off financially and has the means to support a family and we have our own home. The other guy is on disability and lives with his mom (he's 31!).

My brain knows my EX is a better option but my heart says I love my boyfriend. I can ignore my heart which is what I've been doing and probably be unhappy in a loveless relationship for as long as I stay. But at least me and baby are taken care of. Or I can follow my heart, ignore all materialistic needs, and struggle. But at least I'd have love.

Lol I'm so conflicted. This decision really shouldn't be this hard. Its an obvious no comparison choice. I'm just sad and lonely. I can't help but miss him. This sucks.