Soooo stressed


I feel so overwhelmed right now! First of all I suffer with depression and anxiety. Secondly my son was just diagnosed with ADHD. I have a 2 month old who has started teething. I was having some car battery issues a few weeks ago me and my so were planning on getting a new battery for my car we just hadnt gotten to it yet and my friend and her husband took it upon themselves to buy me a battery for my car! I did not ask for them to do so I thanked them and didn’t really think anything else about it so my other half was driving my car a few days ago and I received a text saying yeah we seen him driving your car with our battery... if I tell me other half he will be vivid because we did not need anyone to buy us a battery he works very hard and takes care of our family and allows me to be a sahm. I already have a lot on my mind as it is I dont need any added bs