Should I ditch my birth control?!


Im 22 years old and thinking about my future!🤰🏻 Eventually I want kids, just not yet and I’m worried birth control (the hormones and the actual IUD decide itself) might hinder that. I’ve been contemplating getting off of BC all together to become myself again and get a regular period. I’ve gained weight, it’s ramped up my anxiety, I feel like crying for no reason and I eat like a hippo 😂 My first BC was at 15, and had the Implanon for 3 years. Now I’ve been on the Mirena IUD for about 4 years now. My boyfriend and I of 7 years live together, so abstinence is not an option 😏😂 but I’m just so not ready for a kid yet, and accidents happen! I just want some of yalls opinions or advice on what I should do?! Experiences y’all had?! Help!! 😫😂💕