Surprise homecoming ideas?

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Okay y’all.

Long story short my bf of 5+ years & I separated through a rough time. I’ve been living in Kentucky with my dad instead of in Salt Lake City with him. We have worked through our shit. Now I’ve come to the decision of going back to live there. Not just for him but yes I will be getting back with him. ANYWHO, he knows I am planning on coming back. Although he thinks I’m working to save up to buy a plane ticket. I have already bought my ticket for the 29th. I want to surprise him to make my return special. I have thought of a few things but would like y’all input or even ideas y’all have. I’ll go ahead and list a few ideas I have.

Idea A : Since I land while he will be at work, show up to the condo we bought together (he still lives there & I still have a key) make dinner for him to be ready when he gets home wearing just a robe & drop it when he gets home

Idea B : Wait until he tells me he’s home for the night & go show up

Idea C : Have our friends get him to go hiking where our first date was (popular trail) & I be at the top waiting for him.

Let me know what y’all think in the comments below. 😇🙏🏻