THIS IS WHERE I'M AT RIGHT NOW. Lovely ladies, care to join me? :')


If you're in the mood to laugh in someone's face right now, here is your chance. Read this fucking disaster.

OKAY 👏 so. Do you guys ever just get in a mood? Not just any mood but you're just kinda looking in the mirror and yanno you're feeling yourself (aye 👅). And then you just scroll across this picture on say Pinterest. (fuck you Pinterest! you'll know why in a sec.) The picture is of a BEAUTIFUL girl like she is just a whole damn snack.

So for me, this said girl happened to have bangs. May I let you know, I had bangs when I was a little girl..... ahem.

Not the best sight but I could get away with it since I was like 7. Anyway, moving on. I looked at this girl and I looked at myself in the mirror. "Oh my god I think I would look so cute with bangs!" No girl, take it back!!! my soul cried but I already made up my mind. I wanted bangs and I wanted them now. Once a thought is set in my head it won't go away no matter how much I hate myself after. I cut bangs on my fucking head.

Okay? okay. Not the WORST. But not the best either and DEFINETLY didn't look like the girl in the picture. Oh no hunny, I did not. Honestly though, I was feeling the look. It was the weekend, no school. Just a new me!

It was when I had to go to school that I regretted it. I keep telling myself that if I just waited a couple days, I would have changed my mind and none of this would have happened. It always happens like this! & just in case you were wondering, I've been looking up videos on how to hide bangs but they don't work, so don't even try 🙃.

Currently I'm sitting in my bed. It's almost midnight where I'm at. I just showered, my hairs wet and I found a way to hide my bangs. I braided them and put my hair up. I'm thinking of some ways I can hide them now and it's not TOOOO bad. Headbands and braids are gonna be my best friends for the next couple of weeks or months or however long this will take. Girl, if you're reading this and you want a new hair do.. Think. it. over. for at least a week. Okay? Don't do it on a whim. Think it over and then scold yourself 😂. My new motto for the rest of my life is "You're going to make a lot of mistakes in life. Don't let bangs be one of them."

Goodnight beautiful girls 😍😍😍 If you have bangs don't take offense to this. I'm just saying I look like Dora the fucking explorer.