Marriage/Divorce question..

I was in a serious relationship with my children’s father for 3 years. My absolute dream man. Was totally in love. Two years in, we got pregnant with our first baby girl and a month after she was born we decided to get married. We got married in April. Immediately!!! Like I mean the night of our “honeymoon” , a complete change in personality happened in him. Like it hadn’t even been a week and I had no idea what in the freak happened. He began to physically abuse me with my 3 month old baby girl around. Might I add, the night of our wedding, I got pregnant again because we only had sex ONE TIME since we got married. I was held against my will, I was slapped, and thrown on to the floor, threatened, and much more. All the times my 3 month old was present and I was pregnant with my second. Might I add that all his family witmessed every time and I cried and screamed for help and they did absolutely nothing to protect daughter or 2. Myself. I ended up running for my life to the police department on July 26th. I feel pathetic my marriage was a joke and I am just all around humiliated. I am a week away from my due date and I am freaking out. I took vows for the good and bad times, sickness and health- but I don’t think I’m going to held accountable in the failure of my marriage when me and my kids were in constant danger. Please tell me im not wrong!