Its like I literally popped out!


Idk if any of you have experienced something like this.

But yesterday I did a first belly pick and measured everything.

Then today my stomache felt a little weird and bigger, so I measured and it was an inch bigger than yesterday.

I ate the same thing for lunch as I did yesterday and at the same time. I took yesterday's pic at 2:30 and todays at 3:00. I wore the same dress, ate all the same things. The only differences were that I had an apple for breakfast today and a muffin yesterday, and dr pepper with lunch today and mtn dew yesterday.

But there is still a noticeable difference. Could it be the small changes that did this? Coud it be the baby? Any opinions?

The left is today, the right is yesterdays. And yes, I am a little over weight, so there is a good layer of fat over it..