Myo Inositol Success?


Hi Ladies, so today I went a saw a specialists for PCOS and she drew sooo many labs to recheck my levels. I’ve been dealing with PCOS for the last 3 years, I was diagnosed after I had my son and me and hubby have been TTC for the last 2. Unfortunately February of 2017 I suffered a miscarriage and ever since then I have been having irregular periods again. She recommended to me that if my labs were normal she would put me on birth control for 6 mos as well as a androgen suppressant and Metformin AGAIN. She also recommended I take 4g of Myo Inositol daily with the supplements. I’ve been researching like crazy since the appointment and I’ve read multiple stories where ladies have fallen pregnant with just Metformin and MI alone. Have any of you tired this or have any tips for me? TIA.