boyfriend probs!!

so me and my boyfriend are like the mushy couple that everyone is like ew. but we’re juniors in high school been dating since freshman year and we’ve went to the same school our whole relationship. so a couple months ago he found out he has to move schools because he plays football (his passion) and his dad is the head coach and my school isn’t going to have a team next year. my boyfriend has never went through any change or anything that he’s had to deal with. he’s been going to that school since he was little so it’s a big change for him. but now he’s kinda like pushing me away i guess? we don’t talk as much as we used to and i used to be a super positive person but lately i’ve just been down. i’ve talked to him about it and he says he’s going to try his hardest to fix things and the way he’s been acting. he says he sees it too & he just doesn’t really know how to fix it. but he swears up and down that he’s still deeply in love with me & that i don’t need to worry, it will fix. should i just give him some more time & support him? i know it sounds dumb because we’re young but i had to grow up fast so i’m pretty mature. i can really see myself marrying this kid though, we’ve planned out going to college together and staying in the same dorm and stuff. i just need a little advice. thanks so much!!