Every relationship requires the sex?


So I've had quite a few close experiences with guys that could turn into possible romantic futures. Every single one of them always had to have a sexual side to the relationship- I'm talking sexting and physical. Now if they came on too strong or needy or soon with the sexual side i lost all interest in a future with them...

It happened with every single one of them and I don't know... I guess ive had this idea of only being sexual after marriage or at least engagement. That's just not going to happen is it? Guys need their sexual side if they are going to be interested in you.

Like has anyone ever had a lasting relationship with no sexual side???

I think I have found the one... a total gentleman and lovely person all round, barely any faults. But again, the sexual side. I want to marry this guy and I'm just wondering if he feels more than just lust? I mean I know he says he loves me but I doubt he would be very happy if I quit being sexual with him. (Like I want to wait until marriage for sex but I just can't handle his look of dissapointment whenever I mention that... he totally doesn't want to wait- should I just give in and do what he wants?)

So is it a requirement? Do you girls think all guys need their sex?