Out of state family

My mama lives in Idaho and I recently moved to California. Me and my SO are TTC and I want to make her part of this pregnancy as much as possible. When I get pregnant, I have planned on waiting until 12ish weeks (to be as sure as possible that the babe is healthy and growing) and I would mail her a package with a newborn onesie that says baby ___ and its due date as well as a photograph or something along those lines. I would facetime her when it got to her house so I could see her reaction. But I know she'll put on a nice face but be sad that we won't be a few streets away like we used to be. I'm her oldest and this will be her first grandchild if my younger sister doesn't beat me to it. How do I incorporate her as much a possible? I plan on taking a trip up there at some point but I can't afford to do it very often.