Over it.

Literally, everything happens to me. I get boils on my bikini line, that I treat myself with warm compress and what not. I get athletes foot bad and dry feet. I now have an ingrown toenail that I'm trying to just pray goes away because cutting toenails is like nails on a chalkboard to me I cannot stand it. Thinking about getting surgery or even seeing a doctor period, is making me want to vomit and pass out. I don't want then to remove my nail or cut half of it off or even touch it. I literally cannot win in life. I seriously can't. My boyfriend is always telling me to take off my socks and let me feet breathe and I do but I can't win at anything. I'm at a point where all these problems I'm having are making me super depressed. It might sound like I'm whining but I've never been hospitalized, I've never has surgery or even broken a bone. So I'm terrified. I can't win at anything.