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My boyfriend and I are very sexually active. We have sex almost everyday and it always feels so good. Last night it was even more amazing than normal though because he was being all sexy and whispering how we we’re gonna take it slow and go all night (which I was too tired after awhile 😂) but we tried a new position (riding him backwards - reverse cowgirl- which he loved and I did too!) and we did four different positions through the night. My boyfriend doesn’t cum quick usually so we went two long rounds before I finally got tired, and it was also the first time I had been able to handle two rounds! It made me feel so good that I could make him finish twice! Usually after he finishes once it’ll take over an hour for him to be able to cum again (unless I suck his dick, that drives him crazy 😛😉) but this time I made him do it twice and he made me finish about four or five times and it felt so great. Just wanted to share my experience cause I am so happy that it happened! 😂