😞😢 my cursed life

Donna • 25 yrs old ,married and ttc#1 with GD
I feel like I don't know why I still have this app...... Sooo much shit going on in my life these last couple of months ...... Still No baby even after being off bc since sept. But I guess that's the very least isn't probs these days. I have to get used possibility of that dream of having a kid not ever coming true . Damn, it's like a lot of hopes for future might turn to shit. My 28 yr old love of life has stage 3 cancer. We've only known for a wk now. Our whole world is changed. The future , our future is uncertain now. We hope for the best but we can't ignore the bad ending of this. I've only had 6 yrs with soulmate. It's not fair and I wish I could take this from him . I want kids with him soo much but I am willing to give that up if that means that I'll just have him. I hope we can make it through this.