Is she right or wrong?

Kirsten • Im Kirsten, & I'm a mommy to Jazmyne
A 20 year old girl that lives across the street from me, her name is Morgan. 
Found out she was pregnant last month. Approx 6w pregnant. But she said by her LMP she was 11 weeks and could feel flutters in her RIBS.. Anyway, my mom went to all her dr appointments with her and Morgan told us she had a premature birth at 6 months pregnant and her baby was 6lbs13oz and was in labor for 18 hours.. She told the nurse she didn't Have any losses, and she had an abortion.. Well she also told my mom that her boyfriends dad told her she needed an abortion or she wouldn't live with them, mind u she's fucking both her boyfriend and his dad, along with 2 other guys living at the house at the time.. She lied to my mom and told my mom that her mom forces her to get an abortion.. She went last week and said they found twins (lie!) and she took an abortion pill.. Question is, IS SHE right or wrong??