Any one with baby mama drama????

I knew that my husband had a child when we met because I use to see him visiting on weekends. His mother use to let him come to visit before he got married. So ever since we got married she started to prevent the child to come and she said the child doesn't want to come but when the child is here he is happy and always wants to come back. So she use to take control over the visits until I got pregnant then she stoped the child totally to come and visit so I took major steps and I went to the social worker and she advised is to go to court because the mother feels that her child is depressed because daddy got married and now he has kids. So when we got to the court she told the cold that she wants 16000 for maintenance  for the child every month so the court started investing and find that my husband was paying 4000 for school fees and we use to buy him clothes so the court decide to give her 500 every month and they told us to stop buying him clothes although we do coz he is out baby boy. So now she as angry as ever because we have the access of the child because it's the right of the child to see his father.