39 TTC #1

My periods are irregular and I do have an appointment with a ferility specilIat next week. I had a period April 6, 2015. I had an OB appt on May 6,  and at that point my period had not started. I started drinking Moon Cycle tea which has chasteberry & dong quai in it on May 9, on May 10, I started bleeding and lasted for a week. I started using Clearblue Digital opk on cycle day 10, no LH Surges so far 😕. however on May 23, I started bleeding again.. It just stopped yesterday. today I switched to Clinical Guard opk to save the rest of my Clearblue, I think I may have actually started my true period in May 23.. Not sure but this morning I tested again just for the sake of testing and here's what I got...
Do you see a faint second line? Any tweakers?