Advice please :-)

This may be a little TMI but here goes. OK hubby and I have been trying to get pregnant since last month, we have sex just about every night for the most part not because we are trying to get pregnant. But just because we both have a pretty high sex drive lol. Anywho last night we had sex and I was very very wet the entire time, with no foreplay, (we kind of just got right to it). Which seemed a little odd seeing as though glow says that I would have ovulated on the 24th, with the 25th being the last fertile day for me. Today i have that very (moist) feeling, although i havent seen any cm on my underwear. We have had sex every day so far, starting on about the 23rd or 24th, the week prior we had a few breaks in between. What do you ladies think? Could we possibly have had some success this cycle?