Advice needed !! šŸ˜ž kinda long Srry .

Megg ā€¢ šŸŒŗ
I am currently 11week and 3 days pregnant with my first baby. My boy friend of almost 5 years is the most disrespectful person I have ever met in my life. We constantly argue. And he always blames my feelings on my "pregnant hormones" or me just being cranky for no reason. Last night we got into this huge fight over sumthing so stupid and he called me a stupid ass bitch . At the time I was trying to calm myself down because of course I don't want to lose my baby because of stress. So I told him to get the fuck outta my car and leave me alone. Driving back home was the worst. Idk what I'm having but either way I don't want the verbal abuse around my child. Idk what to do. Part of me is scared because I have no real money to support this baby alone and I don't want to burden my parents with choice. My boyfriend throws the fact that he will be the only one with a good job making real money by next year because he is in welding school and I still have 2 years left for my degree. I am becoming extremely depressed and I just can't get my thoughts together . Please any advice would help. I'm so tired of the disrespect .Ā