yeast infection

i keep getting yeast infections all the time and idk why!! please help:( i am a really hygienic person, i take a shower everyday! i clean from front to back i dont use wet or tight undies. i did go to the gynecologist many times and she gives me some ovules and then it goes away, but then it comes back! my partner is a clean person too and we do have sex without condom because we like it more that way! am i getting yeast infections because of that? should we always use condoms? what should i do! please heeelp

the only symptom i have is that i feel uncomfortable down there, not an itch just uncomfortable, it doesn’t smell bad & i don’t have discharge, just the normal everyday clear discharge

edit: i do use cotton underwear, but i also use tight jeans everyday, my college doesn’t allow short things so i can’t use dresses because mine are short :( i will try drinking the apple cider maybe it helps

& i’m not on birth control