So my boyfriend and I had fun in the first week of January and I don’t exactly remember what happened. All I know is that we first did a blowjob and then he fingered me. But I dont know if he touched his cum before fingering me. I had bleeding two days before the due date of my period (January 17) but I’m not sure what it is. I can fill up a pad during the day but it’s very light at night. And whenever I pee, no blood comes out with my urine. It lasted for about 5 days (the same no. of my period days) and I’m not sure if it’s really a period. Is it just a light period or am I pregnant? Am I just overthinking? Please help me. The bleeding stopped already and according to my calendar I’m about to have my fertility window on Saturday. What should I do?

My stomach and my uterus also feels large. I masturbated about two days ago and when I pulled out my finger a brown discharge came out with it. Can someone please explain and make me calm?