Pregnancy Symptoms 5DPO?

My husband has this app and I don't want him to see I posted this so I'm doing it anon. How early can you start having pregnancy symptoms? Been trying for a year and a half. Cervix is high, feels firm but squishy too, and closed. My breasts hurt like no other. I'm getting headaches which I don't usually. I've had some cramping. I'm staying at 98° each day for BBT. Husband and I BD every day of the week my chart guessed I was ovulating. I've had very messed up cycles so I'm not sure if I actually did ovulate or not. I took OPK but I'm having a hard time believing them. Is it too early to test? This app doesn't give you an idea of when to test. Or whether or not my symptoms could be pregnancy or just hopeful thinking. TIA for your thoughts. ❤