keeping son out of preschool am i crazy??

i first want to stay off by saying I have EXTREME anxiety, so that may be contributing to most of this. I am on mediciation but i think I need to up the doseage. BUT, my son who is going to be 4 next month, is in preschool (he started a year early, and has to gp to preschool again next year). my concern is the flu. Flu is so wide spread right now. over 30 I think have died in my state. and hearing how 30 children have already died sends nails down my spine. I am debating not sending my son back to school the remainder of this year, since he is in preschool it isnt mandatory that he has to go. I know i cant keep him from the outside world i am so scared he will get the flu and something happen to him (or pass it to my 3 month old)... as we all know sickness spreads like wildfire at schools. please dont knock me down, all i want is some opinions from others who do not know me to judge me.. so pleasebe nice and understanding thanks.

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