Pregnancy and work


I have been working with a reproductive endocrinologist for the past 3 months. Since this came after doing test that diagnosed me with PCOS, I had to let my boss know what was going on, since I was taking time off for doctors appointments and side effects constantly.

I was just told that I am getting a promotion, one that I have been training towards and working for for a few weeks. It won’t be official until I get my review in a week or so, but I am really excited.

I also got a BFP this morning, which means my 2x a month appointments may turn into once a week for a the next two month, until I switch to a normal ob/gyn.

Obviously this will affect my training and what not. I have told a few family members who knew about the treatments, and I plan on getting everything confirmed with the doctor ASAP.

Do I tell my boss, or wait until 12 weeks? I don’t want it to stop me from getting the promotion, but I also don’t want him getting upset that I have to take so much time off....