Overweight = Extra Monitoring?? Anyone else??

A little background,

This is my fourth. My first pregnancy was uneventful. No issues. My second I had poly (too much amniotic fluid) so I went in weekly for stress tests and ultrasound starting from week 28 and on. Third pregnancy, same thing. Too much fluid, same extra monitoring.

Here I am pregnant with my fourth. And I was told at my appointment this week (I’m 15 weeks) that they’re going to do the extra monitoring no matter what this time because of my weight. Has this happened to anyone else? I was supper discouraged and pretty confused because I’ve been overweight with all of my pregnancies. This isn’t anything new. They haven’t even measured the fluid yet (they don’t do that until the anatomy scan) so I know that’s not the reason. Can overweight people not have normal pregnancies? Sometimes I feel like when you’re overweight doctors look for a reason for something to be wrong. I’ve been tested for GD at least 3 times in each pregnancy. And did a 24 hour urine. Despite NEVER failing a glucose test.

I’m not against the extra testing if I need it. Totally fine. It’s just really stressful taking off work for appointments 2-3 a week for 2+ months. But I do it. But to just tell me it has to be done because of my weigh. Sheesh. I guess I just wasn’t expecting this to hear that this early.

I guess I’m just wondering is this normal to require additional monitoring solely because of being overweight?