😥first time mommy advice PLEASE!


So my son is a week & 3 days old & since I had him my husband has stressed me out like no other. Mind you I had a c section & had to have staples so all this is new to me. My baby is really fussy & gassy after his feeding & im home with him all day but when he comes home & see him crying he snatches him out my arms like I’m a bad mom & I don’t mind the crying because he is my baby but every little thing I do he criticizes me or says I should clean up after myself better. It really hurts my feelings. I’m at my breaking point with him. Like it’s not my baby at all I love him dearly & enjoy spending time with him my husband is driving me to depression to the point I don’t want to be with or around him. This is my first baby so I don’t have all the answers. But it’s like we bump heads on everything. I’m literally always saying sorry just to keep the peace. Can somebody help me with advice I don’t know what to do from here 😥😰😭💔💔.